Two boys playingPost production has been completed on the new feature film Kings of Mulberry Street, written and directed by acclaimed director and producer Judy Naidoo. Audiences can look out for the teaser in cinemas.

Ezra MabengezaOne man’s bandit is another man’s champion. That is the theme at the heart of Sew the Winter to My Skin, a new film by South African director Jahmil X.T. Qubeka. The film is a searing reimagining of the story of John Kepe, a legendary outlaw of pre-apartheid South Africa.

Triggerfish Animation Studios is running a programme aimed at encouraging younger people to try animation at home. The idea is to get young people to set up a YouTube channel with their films and start to experience sharing their stories with an audience.  

Frank OppermanThe decline in church attendance is a global phenomenon. The role of the priest in our rapidly changing world is one of the themes that lies at the heart of Dominee Tienie, a new film starring acclaimed actor Frank Opperman, who reprises on the big screen the role he played on stage in the one-man play of the same name, written by Dana Snyman.