GFC Industry Callout poster

The Gauteng Film Commission's Industry Support and Development unit specialises in helping develop outstanding film, television and interactive media projects through support programmes and focused investment facilitation.

Programmes include assistance with funding and financing facilitation and negotiation of co-productions, as well as partnership projects with all major public and independent distributors, broadcasters and their content commissioners.

Scriptwriters and filmmakers can submit scripts and projects to the GFC for further assistance. Contact us.

Project Proposal Application Form

The Project Proposal Application Form is an official form for filmmakers to request the GFC or any other government body to provide an intervention to help facilitate the completion of their project.

Filming Permit Application Form

The online Filming Permit Application Form allows you to request the GFC to obtain, on your behalf, the neccessary permits from local authorities for location filming in Gauteng.

GFC open calls for funding opportunities

Click on the links below to fill in the various applications: