FILM+SCHOOL screenings are targeted at a younger audience – ages 10 to 17 – and will take place every Wednesday at 11h00.

The new Bioscope FILM+SCHOOL series is a film awareness and appreciation initiative by the Bioscope Independent Cinema in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut South Africa. The central aims of the initiative are to introduce young people to the art of filmmaking, to spark interest in a wide range of topics and to encourage discussion.

The initial FILM+SCHOOL will explore African cinema with a focus on South African films and will run from October until the end of the 2010 school year for a total of seven screenings.

The film screenings are targeted at a younger audience – ages 10 to 17 – and will take place every Wednesday at 11h00. After the film screenings there will be an opportunity for discussion with film professionals and those involved in arts education. Workshops will also be on offer, using the film and ensuing discussion as a starting point for further creative engagement and discovery.


Film is a powerful educational tool and the programming of the series has been designed to be as broad as possible to allow children an opportunity to engage in wide range of filmic genres and structures including fiction, documentaries and short and animated films. Through this programming strategy, learners will become familiar with the different modes of storytelling of the medium.


Using the films as a starting point, the screenings will involve discussions with the students, encouraging them to interrogate both the subject matter raised in the films and the way in which the movie has been produced. In the first year, the selected films deal with various issues from explorations of South Africa’s cultural heritage, history and youth culture to contemporary politics and xenophobia.

Subsequent programming for next year will be dependent on the feedback of the starting phase and your input is highly appreciated.

FILM+SCHOOL will run every Wednesday throughout the school term and will be free of charge. The cinema holds 68 people and on request special screenings can be organised.

The Bioscope Independent Cinema is a new cinema project located in downtown Johannesburg with the main objective of celebrating and promoting the magic of cinema to as broad and diverse as possible an audience as possible.

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Programme overview

Note that all screenings are on a Wednesday and start at 11h00.

  • 13 October: Soul Boy, Kenya, 70 minutes
  • 20 October: The Flyer, South Africa, 90 minutes
  • 27 October: A South African Love Story – Walter & Albertina Sisulu, 63 minutes
  • 3 November: Where Do I Stand? South Africa, 37 minutes
  • 10 November: A-Z – A Commentary On Post Apartheid, South Africa, 50 minutes
  • 17 November: Kirikou And The Sorceress, France, 70 minutes
  • 24 November: Pumzi, Kenya, 20 minutes; Christmas with Granny, South Africa, 26 minutes

For bookings, please contact Puleng Plessie on 076 253 2530

The Bioscope contact information:
Darryl Els 084 4149312
286 Fox Street, Main Street Life, Johannesburg 2094