Gauteng was chosen recently as the location for a major commercial for Yokohama tires. Kovel/Fuller, a US agency based in Culver City, California, awarded the production to local firm

Yokohama tires uses Gauteng for international commercial
Sub urban based on their pitch, which included shooting at the Gerotek testing grounds near Hartebeespoort dam and the use of Q-Studios in Kew.


They spent one day at Gerotek shooting action shots of a variety of Yokohama shod vehicles and another day shooting sportsmen at Q-Studios. The aim of the commercial was to compare the traction of tires with the traction required of sportsmen. Stage 1 at Q-Studios was set to emulate an American football field.

This commercial was the first in Africa to use the recently released Arriflex D-20 camera. This camera, supplied by Media Film Services, uses a 35mm front end with 35mm lenses and an optical viewfinder with an electronic back. It offers superb picture quality.

Kovel/Fuller executive producer James Smith commented, “I am delighted with our decision to shoot this commercial in Gauteng, South Africa. Not only are we shooting here, but we are also doing all the post-production and will be using several post houses including Soho, Blade, the Refinery and Video Lab. Everything has been great. The accommodation is good and the food is awesome. We will be back!”