Agency MorrisJones chose Sub urban’s Mukunda to direct their magical new KWV 10 year old brandy commercial.

Mukunda and MorrisJones make magic
Trevallyn Hall, Creative Director at MorrisJones comments. “It was important that we created a commercial that communicated the process by which KWV 10 year old potstill creates the perfect brandy. We did not want to purely use a show-and-tell method, which is how we arrived at the metaphorical representation of the woman and the tear. The tear is created from profound origins, as if Mother Nature had conspired to create a perfect tear. There is a fine balance between beauty and raw power to bring this to life, which is why we chose Mukunda. His understanding of the ethereal content combined with the necessity to ground it in a raw tactile environment was key. He also has a superb ability to effortlessly create arresting imagery, which sets a tone and emotion. We are delighted with the end product as it truly embodies the power and beauty of the brand.”

The essence of the 30 second spot is based on an analogy that the more profound the creation of something is, the more value it has. This is a soulful commercial that aims to reach an emotional depth in the viewer using a human metaphor for the distilling process known as ‘potstill’.

Opening on the face of an Earth Goddess who radiates purity, the commercial presents a surreal environment that is natural enough to resonate on a human emotional level. With a build up of anticipation, complemented by the choice of music, a single perfect moment of bliss is revealed. Her eyes flash open, she smiles and a perfect amber-coloured tear runs down her cheek. This tear is a symbol of perfect, condensed purity born from the soul of the universe. When the tear hits the ground, we see this woman surrounded by a glistening lake of golden purity - KWV Brandy 10-year-old.

Mukunda concludes.  “It was a real pleasure to work with Angel, Trevallyn, Margarita, Bernie and Maya. We all dialed into a vision for this script and the collaboration process made a big difference.”

The creative directors on this commercial were Trevallyn Hall and Angel Jones – who also served as the copywriter. Director of Photography was Clive de Klerk and the Producer was Bronwynne Hanger.