Edwin Santiago is CEO of Digital Cut Post Inc. based in Los Angeles. He has just completed the post production of the feature film, Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation, in Johannesburg.Whilst the film was shot on location in Namibia, Santiago says he chose Gauteng as the base for the post production and believes the movie has benefited considerably from this decision.  In Focus asked him a few questions.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working in the South African film industry?
A: I have been inspired by the quality, knowledge and dedication of the people I have worked with.

Q: What makes Gauteng great?
A: I'm a true believer that this province has a lot to offer a crew.  The restaurants are world-class, the animal parks in and around town make for delightful weekend get-aways and the casinos are great and safe with more to do than just gambling.

Q: Given the choice – which movie do you wish you had edited?
A: I would love to stay here and work on The Nelson Mandela Project.

Q: What is your best piece of advice to an aspirant editor?
A: Never stop learning.  I have been doing this for 35 years and continue to learn every day.

Q: Which other movies have you worked on?
A: This is my 4th film with Charles Burnett directing. Other projects include:
Martin Scorsese's Warming by the Devils Five,  Richard Brandis' Out for Blood and Teacher’s Pet. I have also co-produced three other films by Kevin Tenney -  Brain-dead, Father Damien: An Uncommon Kindness and The Mummy and the Armadillo.

Q: Would you come back to SA for anther production?
A: I will consider the Videolab in Gauteng for all my future projects, even the ones that are not locally shot.  It has been such a great experience.

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