GFC has confirmed the appointment of Deloitte Consulting to assess the state of the Gauteng film industry. Dubbed ‘Project Gaullywood’ the project will involve a comprehensive investigation into the size, scope and competitiveness of sector activity in the province.

“With ‘Project Gaullywood’ we wish to give force to one of our core objectives which is to position the GFC as a centralised industry intelligence hub for the Gauteng audio-visual industries” says Gauteng Chief Executive, Terry Tselane.

According to Tselane the lack of up-to-date data has inhibited the province’s capacity to adequately respond to the challenges facing the industry and its ability to maximise the competitive advantage offered by Johannesburg and regional Gauteng.

The project will involve analysis of global trends, best practices and industry benchmarks including detailed demand and supply analysis of the Gauteng and South African audio-visual markets. The study will be completed at the end of June 2007.

“The project will ensure that comparative data on both the Gauteng and Cape film industries will be available for the first time. Recently, the Cape Film Commission released an economic impact study on the Cape industry. We hope to be able to complement this data and show the importance of both Gauteng and the Western Cape to the national film economy”, Tselane concluded.

Members of the Gauteng film community can give their views on the state of the industry by participating in an online survey at

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