International Radio Pictures Inc., in association with the South African born director-writer, Renia-Marie Loader recently produced a humanitarian film on female genital mutilation with a

Cutting Silence on location in Pretoria
European company, Cinema Humain.  The Austrian Department of Health gave Cinema Humain a small grant to make this film, which was shot entirely on location just outside Pretoria. 

Cutting Silence tells the fictitious story of a nomadic Somalian family who are on the eve of having their one daughter circumcised. 

International Radio Pictures Inc Kit Reynolds comments, “The film has been supported by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, the World Health Organisation, UNICEF, and several other prestigious people.  The film is intended to raise awareness of this extremely controversial and brutal practice which goes on today in many Islamic communities in North Africa, the United States and Europe.  It is interesting to note that the procedure is not endorsed by Islam... it was being practiced centuries before that religion even began.

The intention of this film is neither to condemn nor promote female genital mutilation... but to educate the world about its affect on the women who undergo the procedure.  Loader received several "warnings" about the possible ramifications of making this film.  Not actual 'death threats', but strong enough to make us extremely cautious about who we spoke to and who could be on our set while filming.  We were fortunate to obtain the well-known actresses, Linda Sokulu & Vatiswa Ndara, as well as newcomer, Madina Sha.”

The film is approximately 25 minutes in length and the cast and crew are all South African.  It was shot in Pretoria, with the location dressed to look like a specific location in Somalia.