Launching on the 11th October at 21:30 on SABC 3 Font and Son is a slightly down at heel family printing business in the suburb of Orange Grove, Johannesburg. Shot before a live

The cast of Font and Sons
studio audience at the Gold Island Studios in Corporate Park Midrand, Font collaborates with South Africa’s finest, funniest and most talented comedians.

Top comedic producer Desmond Dube proudly launched the series at a gathering at the studios recently and claimed that the audience will ‘laugh out loud’ for the full 26 episodes. In focus was present and experienced an episode being shot before an audience of press, SABC officials and other invitees.

Gauteng based Production Company Curious Pictures were represented by Executive producers David Jammy and Harriet Gavshon. Jammy explains. “It’s Curious Pictures first venture into comedy. We are better known for serious drama; however we have approached this sitcom with the same degree of passion, technical expertise and dedication to talent. We looked at other sitcoms in South Africa and thought – what can we do to liven up the medium? We decided to make a sitcom the way sitcoms are meant to be made – as pieces of collaborative theatre with a live audience and with a great deal of teamwork between actors and writers”.

“We go into each project with the same question” says Gavshon. “We ask ourselves – how can we raise the bar here? How can we do this in a way that excites us – and hopefully the audience too”?

In the series the owner of ‘Font and Sons’, Henry Font provides a safe haven for a ragtag bunch of workers: Branden (Denzel Edgar who plays the role of a lazy, amoral and self serving technician and lothario), Layla (Krijay Govender who plays the role of the neurotic perfectionist good girl from Durban), Clyde (played by Bryan Van Niekerk), an eccentric designer; and Dora (Welile K. Tembe a sharp tongued entrepreneurial sandwich seller). But their world is threatened when Henry is killed in a freak accident and his son Luke (Darren Maule) must decide whether to keep the shop open.

Each episode is rehearsed and blocked during the week, and the actual shoot takes place on a Friday evening before a live audience and normally takes one hour to record. Multi-camera techniques are used and all shooting takes place on a single set in studio.

“It’s been a wild ride” claims producer Dube – a star in his own right. “It’s been a long and a hard road”. Dube delights with a reoccurring cameo role as Herbert Ledwaba – and inept policeman who frequents the print shop.

Font is a comedy for all South Africans and no one is safe from ridicule. The result is a hilarious, irreverent and somewhat outrageous mix of blunt reality and sheer imagination.

Judging by the episode seen recorded at the launch the series will be a must-see. The humor is non-stop, witty and at times downright hilarious. The audience required no prompts to react to the comedy lines, and the acting was slick and professional. SABC 3 has a winner here.