Close to the broadcasting centre of Auckland Park and just around the corner from Atlas studios, 44 Stanley Avenue has attracted a variety of businesses and has become known as

Filmmaking and industrial chic at 44 Stanley Ave
the vibey, comfortable and relaxed home of several film and commercial production companies.


Included in these companies are well known commercial producers Faith Creations and Anant Singh’s Videovision Entertainment represented in Johannesburg by Helena Spring, Worldwide Head of Production who has produced more than sixty television projects and some twenty feature films.

In focus spoke to Spring about the company and her decision to locate to 44 Stanley Avenue.

Q. You were based at Sasani Studios for some time – why the change of address?

A. We were at Sasani for around 8 years but essentially ran out of space. There is a lot of space here and by this I also mean a different kind of space – lots of flexible space and all contained on one floor. There is also a feeling of energy and atmosphere even though a lot of the tenants are not industry people. This location offers easy access to main bus routes, taxis and highways.


Q. Is this the only Videovision office?

A. No – in fact it is the only office in Johannesburg and all production happens out of this office – but there is a full office and infrastructure in Durban which handles all the financing, distribution and marketing.


Q. How many staff are in your Johannesburg offices?

A. We normally have 6-7 people on permanent staff but when we go into production this will increase 10 fold.


Q. What projects are you working on at present?

A. We have several – 18 active projects in fact in different stages. We have finished More than just a Game which is a film about child prisoners on Robben Island and soccer – a true story - and Schuster will be coming up with Bones 2 soon which will be shot partly in India with all post
in South Africa.

Commercials company Faith Creations Karen Skillen comments. “We have been here since the end of 2004 and love it here; it’s convenient and very centrally situated. We have offices both here and in Cape Town, and Diana Keam who heads up the company in Cape Town and Sunu Gonera commercials director has extended his business and filmmaking talents into Los Angeles where he is now based.

We have a team of established and experienced filmmakers who offer a facilitation service for international commercials. We handle cost estimates, scouting and casting, to the delivery of the completed commercials”

Other companies using 44 Stanley Avenue as their base include:
TOM pictures, Presto Postproduction, The Pixel Zoo, art galleries, bookshops, antique shops, clothing shops and of course the inevitable coffee shops and restaurants. There is a good open air feeling about the place which exudes charm and character.