Realtime Resources, the Gauteng based online resources website, has made satisfying inroads into its target market since its inception three months ago. The website, which offers producers and resources the ability to register and then browse for suitable crews and projects, has now over 650 resources listed over the various categories on the site, which includes 104 options from Assistant Cameraman to Writer.

Other offerings on the site have also become widely used including the "Classified" section and the news and information. Co-owner of Realtime Resources, Markus Davies comments:

"There are several changes to the site which will be made shortly. We intend to give the site a fresh new look and increase its functionality dramatically. We have had several requests to offer the ability to upload video clips, this being particularly from editors and camera operators who wish to showcase their work. Apart from an improved resource profile visibility the site will be upgraded with innovative IT technologies which will elevate the site's functionality to be on par with the best the web has to offer.

We also intend to focus on new talent and students, as this was always one of the priorities. We have visited several learning institutions and the response has been very positive. We would like to create a section specifically for new talent to give them the opportunity to have their talents and aspirations displayed on the site and to give them exposure to producers who may be looking for learners to be employed on productions.

We now have over 250 registered producers and resources, and the site is working. Local broadcasters and independent producers are finding the one-stop-shop solution a fantastic platform for their resource needs and fulfillments.  We will continue with our initial philosophy of offering the basic registration free of charge for this year, and we will be including a variety of add on benefits when the new site comes on line.

We are absolutely delighted with the progress and reaction of the industry at large. Realtime resources will grow to be the largest film and television database in South Africa sooner than we anticipated. The site is an invaluable link and a single portal to all the talent in South Africa presented to the producer on a silver platter.

We will head up the kick-off race for the 2010 broadcasting challenge. Realtime Resources will be fully geared for the 2010 World Cup, and will be able to offer full crewing requirements for broadcasters both locally and internationally".

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Source: Realtime Resources