Spescom Media IT, the Gauteng-based company and sales agent for a variety of broadcast products including the full range of Avid non-linear editing systems, recently held a road

Eric Lawrenson (Spescom), Zaheer Mahomed (M-Net), Johan Chandler (M-Net), Cedric Caumont (Avid), Colin Stoltz (Spescom)
show at the Apollo Hotel in Randburg where the new DX product range was demonstrated.

In Focus went along to see some of the latest and most sophisticated technology available on the South African market.

Among those present were Sean Du Toit, General Manager of Spescom IT, and Jess Goedhals, General Manager of Sony Broadcast in South Africa. In addition to the Avid range, also on show were several of the latest Sony mobile HD cameras using hard drive recording technology.

Sean Du Toit (Spescom IT) and Jess Goedhals (Sony Broadcast)

Du Toit introduced the products on display to the large audience consisting of broadcasters, production houses and interested individuals, and reaffirmed Avid’s focus on customers, quality, performance and value. This was followed by the demonstration tour, which included Media Composer Nitris DX (v3.0), Media Composer Mojo DX and the New Avid Raid storage solution.

The Media composer Nitris DX is the most powerful Media Composer for professional film and video editing. When editing high-profile films, television programs, or commercials for a living, this editing system becomes an extension of the editor. Media Composer Nitris DX integrates the Media Composer toolset with the new Avid Nitris DX hardware for a remarkably responsive, high performance, multi-codec SD and HD editing solution. The result is the most powerful Media Composer system ever built, supported by Avid’s service back-up.
Features available include:

  • DX architecture, which tightly connects the host workstation and PCI Express I/O hardware into a single high-bandwidth, high-performance effects engine;
  • Native integration of P2, XDCAM-HD, and HDV;
  • Sharing of media, projects, and ideas making the best use of resources and staff skills; and
  • Matching of shots quickly with the industry-standard Avid colour correction toolset.

Media Composer Mojo DX offers integrated hardware and software for multi-format film and video editing, balancing quality, cost and the next deadline. The new Media Composer Mojo DX combines the complete Media Composer film and video editing toolset with new Avid Mojo DX hardware to offer a head start on all three. Time and quality boost with native XDCAM-HD and P2 editing and the real-time effects architecture combined with the new Media Composer Mojo DX. Create DVD, Blu-ray, and web media.

Features include:

  • The new Avid Mojo DX architecture connects the host workstation and PCI Express I/O hardware into a single high-bandwidth, high-performance effects engine;
  • Editing is about speed, flexibility, and "feel". Refined editing tools, integrated media management, and seamless conform help the editor stay relaxed and focused on telling the best story;
  • Native integration of P2, XDCAM-HD, and HDV formats lets the editor focus on editing, not getting data into and out of the system;
  • Shares media, projects, and ideas and makes the best use of resources and staff skills;
  • Media Composer integrates directly with Avid Unity shared storage solutions and the Avid Interplay nonlinear workflow engine, for real-time collaboration at every level;
  • Matches shots quickly with the industry-standard Avid colour correction toolset; and
  • Avid forums connect users with other editors.

AVID Raid storage solution offers ultra high performance disk arrays. Avid's next generation SATA- based direct attached storage solutions including ST and SR offer maximum flexibility, performance and value in today's demanding HD environments.  Available in either a 5 drive mini-tower (ST), as well as a 16 drive 3U rack mount chassis (SR), Avid has a configuration option to meet your needs. The latest technology SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) interconnect provides simple plug and play setup, while parity RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) prevents losing media because of a failed drive.

Raw capacities range from 2.5TB to 16TB per editing system. Avid Video RAID ST and SR have enough bandwidth to provide real-time playback of uncompressed HD media, even during drive failure rebuild mode, making these ultra-high performance arrays a perfect match for Avid's latest generation of editing applications.

Also on display was the Sony XDCAM range of HD 422 format camera recorders, utilising the amazing Sony SBP-16 16GB SxS PRO memory cards for XDCAM EX Camcorders,. This card uses ExpressCard Technology High-Speed Transfer up to 800 Mb/s and a one hour recording time.