The makers of Tengers, SA's first clay-mation feature film, are set to introduce the next big thing in local comedy to our screens, Koos Koringkriek.

Mike Rix, the Gauteng-based writer/director/animator and editor, says Koos has been painstakingly conceptualised to tap into South Africa's biggest movie-watching market, designed to entertain and to keep selling on various platforms for years to come.

"KK is a live action zero to hero tale about Koos (duh!), a lay-about who eventually answers his call to fight crime in Jo'burg after being attacked by what he mistakenly believes to be a radio-active Parktown Prawn! To complicate issues he is forced to keep his new identity a secret from his life-long best friend, his disapproving parents, and the object of his affections, the beautiful Jacqueline, all leading to an explosive finale in which Koos comes face to face with the most evil of Super-villains, the Southern African dictator Bob Mubobi!"

Billed as a tale of romance, adventure, friendship, laughter, betrayal, greed, more laughter, brief nudity and small green garden pests, Rix says KK is set to take SA by storm in 2009.

He's appealing to investors to get on board now, as development funds are required to get the script polished and ready for shoot  and the producers are looking to start production in early 2009.

"Shares are available, and the contract has been designed to fit perfectly into a standard-sized Christmas stocking!"

For anyone interested, Rix can be contacted at