Newtown was recently abuzz with the shooting of a new music video for renowned flutist Wouter Kellerman. The location of the shoot was the extremely photogenic area around

Well known local Director of Photography, Tai Krige
Newtown’s Market Theatre, with all its photographic possibilities, ending up inside the spacious warehouse of the Afrika Cultural Center of Benjy Francis.

In Focus spoke to Tai Krige, well known local Director of Photography (DOP) about how he became involved in this production, and his thoughts on both the production and the new camera equipment used.

“When Loli Bishop, Executive Producer of Faith Creations here in Gauteng asked me to DOP their up-and-coming music video for flutist Wouter Kellerman, I was delighted to do so, since I would finally be working with Faith Creations’ young director Mqondise ‘MQ’ Ngubane”, says Krige.

“I had missed out doing so on a previous commercial of his, due to other commitments. ‘MQ’ is one of the most talented young ‘hot’ directors around these days, imbued with great passion and energy and this interesting music video mixing Hip-Hop with Tango was clearly ‘Going International’, as it is due to be released at an important music video festival in France.”

Wouter Kellerman was accompanied by the beautiful and talented singer Veronique Lalouette who also features on Kellerman’s new CD; “Kellerman / Colour”. The track chosen for the shoot was the haunting and evocative; “Vuelvo al Sur.”

Krige continues: “On the technical side, I was very excited to finally be able to use the new, ground breaking Silicon Imaging HD SI-2K ‘Digital Cinema Camera,’ with 2K acquisition capability and of which I had heard about so much – so I was doubly pleased.

We used SFX rain-making equipment, Effects Lighting, with lots of smoke and all provided by MCC in Johannesburg.

Shot day for night, we were hard pushed to keep the feeling of continual rain for the duration of the one extended day shoot, until the heavens opened up and we had rain for free….a lot of it….and then, another bout of horrendous Eskom ‘load shedding.’….Thank goodness for the reliable power supply from the MCC 100 KVA generator”.

Krige concludes “Thanks to the passion-filled, excellent direction from ‘MQ’ and the sterling efforts of the Production Manager Karen Skillen, along with the super efficient whip-cracking 1st Assistant Director Zolani Phakade, and creative and speedy work of my Gaffer Clive Shirlaw, the shoot was ‘put in the digital can’ all within the time-frame allotted to us.”