As one of GFC's key objectives is to be of service and support to the Gauteng film industry, In Focus is introducing a new series, Made in Gauteng. We'll be profiling various

Jess-Goedhals - Sony Broadcast
manufacturers, suppliers and services who cater specifically for the film and television industry in Gauteng, be they large or small. And we hope to introduce our readers to services and equipment that they were completely unaware were Made in Gauteng.

In this month's issue, we cover arguably the largest equipment supplier to the industry, Sony and an innovative specialised media delivery company, Media Host.

Goedhals: Sony SA has recently been awarded the tender to supply Air Time with four HD OB trucks in time for the FIFA 2010 World Cup Soccer event. This will mean another 82 HDC-1500 cameras in South Africa! This is in addition to the cameras that are here already which include a total of 47 HDC-1500 HD

Ivan Bridgens of Media Host
OB/Studio cameras and the six HDC-3300 Super Motion High Definition cameras for sports production.


In Focus: Other than the supply of equipment, what other product offerings do you have?

Goedhals: We offer complete turnkey broadcast systems projects both in Standard
Definition and HD. We also offer Outside Broadcast vans and studio installations. On
the equipment side, our product offering is vast and includes the full range of HD
Camcorders  tape (HDCAM & HDV) & tape less (XDCAM Professional Disc).

We also do the full range of SD Camcorders, HD & SD Broadcast Camera systems, Professional Disc Camcorders and decks, Video Tape machines, LCD Monitors, Digital Cinema Projectors, Video Switchers, Audio/Video Conference, Media Printers & Media, Digital Print systems and Media and IP Monitoring systems.

In Focus: With this impressive product range do you carry a large staff complement and do you offer service support?

Goedhals: We have a staff complement of 11 in the Broadcast and Professional Division and there are a total of 150 employees in Sony South Africa. We have a full local technical support division with four authorised Sony repair centers in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town.

In Focus: Do you have any new product offerings, and what was a recent large sale?

Goedhals: The latest offering we have is the PMW-EX1 - XDCAM EX solid state camcorder which is amazing. We recently provided M-Net Studio 6 with a complete HD Studio and they are shooting Are you smarter than a 5th Grader in there. We also supplied M-Net with their OB3 HD Outside Broadcast van.

Sony B&P division can be contacted via Jess Goedhals on +27 11 690-3301 or or website

Its most relevant offering is Media Delivery, for sending film rushes internationally for speedy approval, and the transfer of TV commercials and up-to-date news items to broadcasters and media players across Media Host's local network. In Focus spoke to Managing Director, Ivan Bridgens

In Focus: Just give us a little more detail in terms of the product on offer, who the users are and what the advantages are?
Bridgens: Media Host's media delivery service delivers commercials digitally to all the broadcasters locally using LaserNet's broadband media network. The advantages are that the file gets delivered from the source to the broadcasters and then ingested to the broadcasters' playout servers. The 30 sec commercial file takes around one minute to get to the broadcaster so speed and efficiency is a plus. No tape is necessary. Customers include all the broadcasters, facilities companies, ad agencies, post production companies and overseas companies such as Adstream and Beam TV.
In Focus: When did you start up and what has your growth been?

Bridgens: Media Host started around seven years ago and has grown steadily over the years, today delivering most of the commercials to the broadcasters. We have branches in Cape Town and Durban as well and employ 14 people. We are currently delivering around 1200 commercials a month to SABC, and M-Net.

In Focus: Expansion plans?
Bridgens: Media Host has mainly concentrated on the commercial market but in May we launched our new delivery software, servers and digital VTRs that have made a major improvement on the way we deliver content. It's faster, more efficient, has more checks and balances as well as a major improvement on client notification of deliveries and monitoring.

Media Host can be contacted at 086 010 4924, or or