Johannesburg is a treasure chest of spaces and hidden delights, according to Daniel van Zyl of Locations Ahead, who was responsible for the scouting, location and unit management for the production of a 13 x 48 minute drama series entitled Kruispad, for production company Bottomline Entertainment.

Produced by Deon Opperman, Paul Berning and Bianca Isaac with Director Cobus Rossouw and DOP Trevor Calverley, the shoot commenced in February this year.

Shot in and around Johannesburg, Kruispad follows the history of two Afrikaans families over the course of thirteen years since 1994.

Set against the backdrop of changing political and business landscapes, Kruispad explores the choices these Afrikaans families have made in life and business and the resultant effects of these choices.

Written and created by multiple award winning writer Deon Opperman, Kruispad stars Justin Strydom, Hanli Rolfes-Opperman, Natania van Heerden, Jaques Gombault, Altus Theart, Henk Pretorius, Kevin Smith and Wayne van Rooyen.

Commenting on the production, Van Zyl said: �We had a location crew of around 30 people, the Panasonic HD camera came from Camera Facilities and the lights were from 20 20 Lighting.

�The Gauteng Film Commission has an amazing service team that delivers promptly, but when it comes to handing out of permits and negotiating costs, then JMPD and Johannesburg City Parks are still in control of these approvals and some of the costs are prohibitive. We were forced outside the borders of JMPD and Joburg City Parks zones� for some of the locations.

�As a solution, we found creative ways to eliminate these high costs such as changing our script location from a cemetery to a beautiful church in order to accommodate our budget. We do hope though that this situation will improve in the future.�

Kruispad will be post produced at The Film Factory, and is due for broadcast on Kyknet on 5 July at 20h00.