Filmmakers Against Racism (FAR) is an initiative launched on 23rd May in response to the shocking wave of xenophobia violence hitting South Africa. They will be producing six 24 minute documentaries as well as many 30 second Public Service Announcements, which will be broadcast by SABC,  and hopefully other commercial broadcasters as well as community TV stations.

FAR is appealing for financial and industry support in order to assist in getting the message out.

FAR will use local celebrities for the PSAs to voice the view that we are all Africans and must seek unity, not division, to tackle the growing social and economic concerns we face as a nation. Targeting the most vulnerable people in society displaces the blame for growing social and economic problems on to the very people who have sought refuge from violence and poverty in their countries of origin. There is no excuse for this and long-term, sustainable, solutions to inequality, founded on the principles of unity and tolerance, need to be emphasised.

FAR is supported by the South African Screen Federation and the Independent Producers Organisation and brings together a collective of reputable film production houses and individual talent, in collaboration with independent producers and directors. The initiative is also supported by Grey Media Advertising.  Join up, FAR needs your time, talent and energy.

Numerous cash costs are being incurred for transport, petrol, food for crew and sometimes subjects and tape stock. In addition, FAR is paying some soundmen 50% of their daily rate and some key cameraman at the same rate, who are also coordinating other filming. FAR is also working on two/three films that involve filming in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Those who have already pledged support include the National Film and Video Foundation, Micheal Auret the former director of Sithenghi Film and TV Market, the directors of Durban International Film Festival, Nashan Moodley and Peter Rorvik and the Director of Tri Continental Film Festival, Rehad Desai, who is also Acting Coordinator for Filmmakers Against Racism.

Desai says FAR is asking for individual donations of a minimum R1000, as well as from foundations, key stakeholders in Arts and Culture and the broadcasters.

This fund will only be used for documentary films that speak directly and indirectly to the issue of Xenophobia and FAR believes it will be needed into the foreseeable future. The fund will be audited by a reputable chartered accountant every six months, with the audit being sent out to all those who donate.

Please make payments to:
The Human Rights Media Trust
Branch Code:        101109
Account No:          1011102366