A crying toddler struggles to get up to walk. Each time he gets onto his feet, he loses his balance and falls onto the stony, dry desert sand, making him cry even harder. Designed to demonstrate the severity of HIV/Aids, this commercial imagery depicts a distraught baby left alone with no one to take care of him - no one to pick him up and no one to comfort him.

Shot and directed by Miles Goodall in Namibia for TBWA Paris through Hamster Publicit�, the spot has a powerful message to communicate. It�s a raw approach set in harsh conditions that will draw on viewer�s emotions, making them feel somewhat uncomfortable. In order to convey this tone, the spot could not be too crafted or edited. It�s not a pleasant reality and therefore cannot look refined and manicured.

Says Sub urban�s MD/ Executive Producer, Linda Notelovitz Goodall, �It was four years ago almost to the day, that Miles shot and directed the first public service announcement for the French company called AIDES. It was called, AIDES �Old Man� and was awarded at the New York Festivals, Cannes Lions, Dogstar, Visible Spectrum Award and Art Director�s Club Awards. We�re hoping this one will have the same appeal and impact, if not more. It will be truly rewarding if it does, because it has a very important message to share with the world.�

Miles says, �It can be quite difficult to direct children, especially toddlers. We spent a lot of time trying to achieve the shots we were looking for, but in reality, you cannot dictate performance from children this young. We worked with six different babies of different ages ranging from six months to just over a year. We used varying techniques of distraction to get the performances we did.

Linda and Miles agreed, �It�s really great working with Marianne and Jean-Jacques from Hamster. They give clear and focused briefs and are passionate about their work.�

Executive Producer of Hamster Publicit�, Jean-Jacques Grimblat says, �Working with Miles is always a different experience. I know I can trust Miles in bringing out the best, from everyone, whether it�s the client, agency creatives or performers in the commercial. He�s humble about his talents and has a connection with something so profound that his attitude is always calm and serene. He doesn�t need to posture, as he�s content in himself and respects those around him.�

Jean-Jacques continues, �You have an expectation of what the end product will look like, but when Miles works his magic, the result far exceeds all pre-conceptions. A true innovator, he has a wealth of experience, which he musters whenever we�re in a tight spot and without fail finds a solution. I love working with him.�

Source: Sub urban, Tel: +2711 447 1963