In April a high-powered SA delegation was in Hollywood to teach these clever Californians, wait for it, how to make films. OK, the broader subject was how to take maximum advantage of the unique combination of circumstances, climate, location, talent, regulation and incentives that make Gauteng the unbeatable bargain of the filmic world.  And what better way to do this than to bring to LA a sensational film that puts all of Gauteng's many attractions under the brightest possible spotlight.

As everyone knows, the Johannesburg-Pretoria region was glittering with pure gold years before there was ever a motion-picture camera in Los Angeles. And that golden lustre continues to rub off as Gauteng moves up the credit list of the world's leading tinsel-territories. Just why this is so is explained by a new promotional film sponsored by the Gauteng Film Commission, (GFC).

The commission's CE Terry Tselane tops and tails the seven minute epic with reminders that Gauteng is the economic hub of Africa, providing a first world infrastructure for all film work that requires big ideas, perfect locations and more holler for the dollar.

A cast of local luminaries add their voices to the Gauteng chorus. Award-winning director Gavin Hood (Tsotsi) waxes lyrical on Gauteng's extraordinary filmic infrastructure, which is bringing so many huge Hollywood films to South Africa.

Executive Producer at Philo Films, Philo Pieterse and Anant Singh, CEO of Videovision Entertainment speak enthusiastically for the feature film and long-form TV industry. Pieterse describes Gauteng's weather and climate as the best in the country, and praises the growing number of South African producers who are winning major international awards using local technicians, now in great demand internationally. And Singh marvels at the incredible capacities of the technical and creative people in Gauteng's film industry.

Gavin Gillespie, Exec. Producer at Fresheye Films, and Peter Carr, Exec. Producer at Velocity Films are no less enthusiastic about the commercials industry.  Gillespie speaks about Gauteng's all-year weather pattern, much like LA itself, and praises the typical Gauteng crew's 'Can do' attitude.  Carr declares that the local technical talent is of such a calibre that it is now being pilfered by producers elsewhere in the world.  Both men are in awe of the versatility of the Gauteng location options, where downtown Johannesburg has doubled as London, New York and a tropical jungle in the recent past; and both are very complimentary about the skills levels of the Gauteng post-production industry.

Internationally acclaimed actress Embeth Davidtz describes the region as having a 'magic', and marvels at the incredible nature of the light.

And of course, the big bonus lies in the extraordinary production values you get for your dollar or euro; a factor now made even more attractive on the back of the new tax incentives announced in March, as part of the Film Incentives package, by SA's Dept. of Trade and Industry.

Gauteng's latest promotional film was produced at short notice, with a lot of cooperation from the industry, particularly the CPA, and the Gauteng Film Commission and CE Terry Tselane is very grateful for this. Terry remains committed to cutting through any unexpected red tape encountered by visiting producers.

The film premiered at the AFCI Locations Expo in Santa Monica, California, with follow-up screenings to the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA); a body that represents various Hollywood Studios and other industry professionals.

All the reviews have been extremely positive.