Chills down spines as the two gladiators clash in the arena, leading into soccer players clashing with the same intensity. This is the Afribank commercial, produced by  Sub urban's Gareth Paul and advertising agency HKLM.

To create a sense of authenticity, which is vitally important to any storytelling, Sub urban sourced the original costumes from Ridley Scotts film, The Gladiator. These costumes were essential in recreating the Gladiator fight: A fight between men who wish to live as gods, if only for a split second.

Director Gareth Paul moved further into the world of live action and excelled in this project by obtaining the perfect, emotive shots that add to the desired impact of the commercial, working closely with Rob Malpage on camera.

Ross Ventress, Creative Director at HKLM, was thrilled with how the commercial came together. As he said, "It was a stress-less process, the film looks great and it was a pleasure to work with all involved."

Source: Sub urban +27 11 447 1963