Sony Broadcast South Africa held a series of countrywide roadshows, in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth, recently to showcase their new line of products. Sony Broadcast hits the SA roads every two years, as soon as possible after the International Broadcasting Convention held in Amsterdam to update clients on their latest products.

General Manager, Jess Goedhals, was bullish about recent sales in South Africa. "We recently installed a full High Definition (HD) facility in Studio 6 at M-Net. This was completed in January 2008, and was a turnkey project with Sony Professional Systems. The installation included:

  • 8 x HDC-1500 cams
  • MVS-8000G multi format vision mixer
  • Sony LMD 4250 monitor stack + multi viewers

"We also delivered to M-NET in April this year their first HD Outside Broadcast vehicle which uses the following key components:

  • 15 x HDC-1500 HD cameras
  • S-8000G multi format vision mixer

"We have also concluded a deal with SABC Air Time to supply four HD Outside Broadcast (OB) vans in time for the FIFA 201 World Cup. This is the largest broadcast deal in South African history and includes:

  • 4 x HD OB vans with double expanding sides (including Audio control)
  • 15 x HDC-1500 + 3x HDC-3300 SuperMotion cams
  • MVS-8000G multi format vision mixers
  • Sony LMD 4250 monitor walls
  • Evertz multi viewers
  • Delivery of the first 2 units by end April 2009

"As part of the contract SABC also ordered 10 x HDC cams for 2 of their Mobile Production Units (MPU's)," commented Goedhals.

"The HDC-1500 has become the de facto HD Studio & OB camera with 52 in use right now, and another 70 due for Air Time. In a recent announcement M-Net has chosen Sony's HDCAM as the submission format for their new HD channel. Sony/Barco has also supplied large LED screens for Stadiums and three units will installed by November this year, so we are very happy with this sales situation," he said.

Also present at the roadshow representing Sony Broadcast were Gerhard Strydom, Roushal Poole and Graham Rattey, with the Johannesburg dealers represented by Spescom, Protea Electronics and Visual Impact.

The new equipment from the International Broadcasting Convention included the following:

The HVR-Z5E camera, which will replace the soon-to-be-discontinued DSR-PD170P. It records 1080/25p in HDV native progressive recording; has a 'G lens' feature which has natural touch lens operation and it uses 1/3 inch 3ClearVid CMO Sensor system. It offers an HDMI output connector, negative Gain feature and Picture Profile which can be registered in the memory profiles and can simultaneously record onto tape and CF in HD and Standard definition (SD).

The XDCAM EX camera series, which offers 3" inch full HD CMOS sensors. It's a compact full HD production system with amazing 1920x1080 and 1280x720 HD Flash memory recording capabilities. It uses MPEG-2 Long GOP codec recording onto SxS PRO memory card which give long recording times of 50 min on a 16GB card at best quality and 100 min on the new 32GB card, which will be available in December 2008.

Also under the XDCAM EX series is the PHU-60K professional Hard Disk Unit, which has a storage capacity of 60Gb, and a long recording time of 200min in HQ mode. It can be attached to the XDCAM EX camera, and the PMW-E30 deck using supplied cable and adaptor.

Clipbrowser software, which is supplied free with all XDCAM EX products, enables you to browse video clips on SxS cards, copy clips and create sub clips. You can also add metadata, register 'shot marks' and capture and create still images.

The PMW-EX30 compact recording deck with MPEG HD record and playback at 35 and 25 Mb/s and equipped with 2x SxS PRO memory card slots, built in 3,5inch LCD monitor. It offers a comprehensive range of HD interfaces and down converted SD outputs for use in an SD environment.

The new HDW-650P HDCAM Camcorder offers a choice of HD recording formats including both interlaced and progressive. It uses three newly developed 2/3rd inch Power HAD FX CCD's and together with a new 14-bit A/D converter gives superb signal to noise ratio and very high sensitivity. It offers a well balanced and compact body, has a 3,5inch colour LCD viewfinder, and down conversion capacity and picture cache recording now as standard.

are the PDW-700, the PDW-HD1500 and the PDW-U1, which all support 1920x1080 4:2:2 @ 50Mbps and 1280x720 @ 50Mbps. The cameras use the same Power Had CCD's as on the HDC-1500, while audio can be recorded on 8 channels. The products all use the new dual layer XDCAM 50GB optical disc while still able to be backwards compatible with the single layer 23.3 GB disc.