Realtime Resources, the web-based crewing website launched at the beginning of 2008, recently launched a new and highly functional website to accommodate the growing number of subscribers, and to cater for the needs of both crews and producers alike.

The website is designed to assist producers or any other company or organisation within the film and television industry to source crew for a cross section of applications. The website lists over 110 categories from Accommodation Agents to Writers, and the number of these resources registered on the site has grown significantly.

The response to the site has been astonishing says the Webmaster. "We see new registrations every day and have increasing feedback from users of the site who have crewed entire productions with the resources on offer. We now need to take the site to the next level and to increase our offerings to producers and resources alike. We would like to include items of specific interest to the users, news regarding productions that are both happening and due to commence and, most importantly, we want to encourage learners to become part of the industry at an early stage so that they can gain the benefits of working in the industry and becoming familiar with opportunities and internships.

"We will be targeting the film schools and training institutions as from 2009 and anticipate a huge response from this quarter. We will also be targeting the Film Commissions and other industry bodies as we believe the statistical gathering that a site such as this can offer is of value to organisations such as these. We will also be approaching crewing agents and similar companies to look at the opportunities of linked sites and other mutually beneficial associations. We do not consider ourselves in conflict, but rather being of mutual benefit to one another."

Currently subscription to the site is free of charge, and it is hoped that this may continue in the New Year, however value added services such as portfolios, CV's and video clips will attract a small fee.

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