Two of SA's most successful equipment rental companies have joined forces to offer their combined equipment inventories and extensive technical expertise to international features,

Phantom HD on set
commercials, dramas, documentaries and live shows.

PANAVISION South Africa,  trading as PANAVISION Cape Town and as PANAVISION Johannesburg, is the new trading entity, combining the present One8Six and Panacam operations.

Both One8Six and Panacam Africa have a long pedigree, servicing the South African film industry with exceptional equipment and technical support over many years.

One8Six has its roots as a supplier of camera equipment to the South African commercials industry and its core managerial and technical staff will carry their specialist experience with them to the new PANAVISION South Africa operation.

Panacam Africa has been the sole agency and supplier of Panavision equipment to many of the biggest feature films shot in southern Africa, such as Blood Diamond and Lord of War, and its staff bring with them extensive knowledge of Panavision film and HD camera systems, and the exclusive skills necessary to supply and service major features.

The combination of the best of both of these entities will afford a unique advantage to producers, who will be able to select from the widest available range of equipment.  This will be backed by highly experienced technical staff, whose excellent client service and attention to detail have been the catalyst for the success of both companies.

PANAVISION Cape Town and PANAVISION Johannesburg will trade out of custom-designed premises in the Gold Island Studios (Johannesburg) and in the Cape Island Studios (Cape Town).  The close proximity of the premises to PANALUX and to the Studios affords an overall turnkey solution to shooting in South Africa, with camera, grip and lighting available from a single supply point.

Special attention has been focused on ensuring continuity for clients, with management, bookings staff, and technical staff remaining unaltered, as far as possible.

Tony Eddy, Managing Director, says: "We are all enthusiastic about finalising the merger of Panacam and One8Six as PANAVISION South Africa, and we are confident that the industry will see it as constructive growth that will offer production companies a better choice of equipment and better service."

PANAVISION Cape Town and PANAVISION Johannesburg will be offering all genres of equipment, including all Panavision and Arriflex film cameras, Primo spherical and anamorphic lensing, Zeiss, Cooke and Angeniuex lensing, Panavision Genesis,  F900R's, F23's, HD750's, Varicams HD cameras as well as the Red1 system.

For high-speed work the rental company will continue to offer the Photosonics 35 and 16mm film systems, as well as the very popular Phantom HD and BrightDrive HD workflow systems.

Extensive upgrading of the grips departments is underway, with the inclusion of a large and diverse range of grip equipment that includes Techno Cranes, Giraffe Cranes and a selection of remote heads. Fisher and Chapman supply the dollies and jib arms, while Panavision offers a plethora of various tripods, heads and specialist grip rigs.

Specialist equipment available includes Hydroflex underwater housings, Ikonoskop A-Cam, Optex Excellence Borescope/Periscope lens systems, Skater Scope, T-Rex, and many other unique items.