It starts here...

Gauteng Province Introduces New Brand
How do you visually express what�s easily described as one of the world�s most dynamic, and diverse, and eventful provinces?  What image best captures the energy, resilience and attitude of a province that is Africa�s financial capital,  that�s a centre of sporting events, having hosted a Rugby World Cup, a Cricket World Cup, and will also be a host province for the upcoming FIFA World Cup?

What visual manifestation best captures the spirit of a province that�s home to Africa�s largest zoo, and South Africa�s first Oscar award winning actor? What symbol best represents a place that hosts two World Heritage Sites but also serves as Africa�s shopping mecca?


The response to this is Gauteng�s newly unveiled brand, inspired by the theme Ignition. Under the tagline �It Starts Here�, the new Gauteng brand is a spiral shape made up of multi-coloured dots of increasing size. The central dot represents the ignition, the beginning, and the promise of all the possibilities that the province offers. As it unfurls, subtly evoking the letter G, the dots roll out in different colours, symbolizing the growth, the diversity, dynamism and mix of ideas, people, and cultures that Gauteng Province embodies.

Indeed, Gauteng Province can truthfully claim to have ignited a plethora of destiny-shifting ideas, trends, events, individuals and developments. It�s only appropriate that the brand�s core identity is inspired by the idea of ignition, in tribute to a place where iconic ideas, fascinating people, and world-changing events all started, in one form or another.

�This province is a leader across a variety of fields � in business, industry, tourism, and arts & culture -  Gauteng Province is at the heart of all activity� says Paul Mashatile, Gauteng Premier . To visually interpret the vibrant mix that is Gauteng Province - its people, its energy and spirit, is no small task. We believe that the new brand, and tagline �It Starts Here� is especially fitting, and a great visual interpretation of the power and vigor of this incredible province, Gauteng.�

A seSotho word for �place of Gold�, Gauteng was officially established in December 1994, and has powered on to become one of South Africa�s most economically active provinces. With the new brand that has distilled the various elements that embody the province, as its new identity, there is no doubt that Gauteng will continue to develop and continue to live up to its brand promise It Starts Here�