Well-known and respected director, Akin Omotoso, is venturing into the world of commercials.  Sub urban recently announced that the director has 'joined our family'.

A member of the Gauteng Film Partnership, an advisory forum for the Gauteng Film Commission; and co-founder of T.O.M. Pictures, Omotoso's latest short film, Jesus and the Giant was screened at the recent Toronto International Film Festival.

You may have seen him in front of the camera in Generations and you may have seen his directing work in the form of films, including several shorts Gathering, The Scattered Cousins and the feature God Is African.

As a successful drama and performance director his work has been recognised at the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival.

According to Sub urban, 'Akin's ability as a performance director stems from his own experience as an actor. As the type of person who will take as much knowledge from an experience as he can, Akin utilises all he knows in everything he does.

"A man with a true love and adoration of the craft of filmmaking he is respectful to the process and to everyone involved. And this love and respect shines through into his work, which previously may have been dark, but is now stepping into the light with Sub urban."

Source: Sub urban on +27 11 447 1963 or www.suburban.tv