Young Minds Productions (YMP), a motion picture company owned by young and energetic people, initiated and ran the recent Orange Farm High Schools Against Women & Child

Young Minds make a difference
Abuse Games 2008.  Designed to regenerate and increase existing awareness of violence against women and children, the event focused on strategic partnerships between government departments, the private sector, media and the diplomatic community to spread the message.

The high schools competed in sporting tournaments covering soccer, netball, basketball as well as debate, followed by the screening of TUMELO, directed by Pule M of YMP, closing off with a cool music festival featuring upcoming artists from Orange Farm and surrounding areas.

Pule M, who grew up in Orange Farm, says he organised the event there as he's proud of the community, was aware of the social issues faced by the young people, and "dreamed of seeing young people from disadvantaged communities like Orange Farm coming together and forming one solid movement in fighting against issues that affect them directly and indirectly, and prevent them from achieving the dreams that every young person has."

TUMELO, a child denied happiness, is the true tale of a 15 year-old girl, Tumelo Sibeko, from Mpumalanga who is sexually and physically abused by her step-father, with her mother doing nothing to help and heal.

Talking about the 20 minute film, Pule M says he was inspired by watching Tumelo on Zola 7, talking about her dream of having a film made about her true tale.  "TUMELO surfaced to me at the time where I was not sure of I was ready to direct a film with such a storyline, but today, I am happy that I did direct it.  I wanted the film to remain as harsh as it was when I heard Tumelo telling Zola about her ordeal, but also realistic, educating and provoking, especially when looked at by a person who had never been abused like Tumelo has been."

Comments from reviewers and the public on the film have been extremely positive:

"Short films, as everyone knows, are ways of showcasing what you can do, often with little money, short time and much ingenuity.  TUMELO which was directed, written and produced by Pule M is a true reference in this case." Screen Africa.

"This is one story which deserves to be made into a feature film as it is a good film that has an educational message about women and child abuse, it can be used at schools and community centres to regenerate the vitality of fighting against such issues." Charles Ngobeni, MD Wimpy, Maponya Mall.

When asked why the Gauteng Film Commission got involved, Nthabeleng Phora of the GFC, said: "It is simply because TUMELO carries a very current storyline which is affecting our youth, and what better chance to work with a young filmmaker who believes in young people"s stories, especially since we are celebrating a month that is aimed at uniting the youth and remembering those who fought for us." [commenting at the Youth Month Celebration at Maponya Mall in June 2008]