Jerusalema, perhaps the most written about movie currently on the circuit, has already gone over the 1.7 million in box office receipts in just 5 weeks.

The gritty gangster thriller, set on the harsh streets of Johannesburg,was released by United International Pictures South Africa together with MetroFM and the Gauteng Film Commission on 29 August 2008 at cinemas across the country.

Commenting on response, producer Tendeka Matatu says: "We are very happy with the response to the movie so far, the audience reaction has been great and it looks like our distribution strategy has paid off." (see In Focus August issue for the distribution story behind the movie, click here)

He adds: "The film has moved into the provinces and is playing very strongly there too. So it seems like the staggered roll-out strategy that we adopted works for South Africa. Coupled with this, we have had amazing press attention for the film which has really helped spread word-of-mouth on the film!"

Asked how long he envisages Jerusalema staying on circuit, Matatu says: "Hopefully the film will remain on circuit for another couple of weeks - basically as long as people are watching the film, and it is performing, then the cinemas will keep it on circuit."

We'll continue to update you on developments as they happen.