As the fourth in a series of articles profiling various manufacturers, suppliers and services who cater specifically to the film and television industry in Gauteng, In Focus spoke to Spescom Media IT, a subsidiary of Spescom Limited, who deliver film and broadcasting solutions to the market, and The Case Connection cc, who supply rigidised aluminum, wooden and polyethylene cases to the industry.

In Focus spoke to Sean Du Toit, CEO of Spescom Media IT

In Focus: Please explain how Spescom Media IT came about.
Du Toit: Spescom Media IT was known as Spescom Broadcast until approximately three years ago, reflecting our focus on the broadcast industry. The company was, and still is, a subsidiary of Spescom Limited. However, the name was changed to Spescom Media IT, reflecting the trend of convergence and the pervasive role that IT plays in all industry segments.  The new name also represents the wider offering of Spescom Media IT which includes solutions for the TV industry as a whole rather than only broadcasting.

In Focus: Your product range is vast please elaborate on what is on offer.
Du Tout: Spescom Limited, the holding company is an integrated business communications solution provider with a focus on voice, video and data. Its subsidiary Spescom Media IT delivers film and broadcasting solutions to the market. These include:

  • Sony Broadcast Products
  • Avid Editing Products
  • Clear-com Communications Equipment
  • Miller Tripods
  • Auto Cue Teleprompting Products
  • Evertz Inter-Connecting Products (the glue)
  • Orad On-Air Graphics and Virtual Sets
  • Ross Vision Mixers.

New products and enhanced products are continuously launched across the spectrum of vendors we partner with. Spescom Media IT partners with vendors that provide proven, leading edge, world-class technologies that perpetually refine and develop new solutions to meet the evolving needs of the film and broadcasting industry.

In Focus: Any recent large sales?
Du Toit: Spescom Media IT won a contract with the Swazi Television Authority (Swazi TV) which has been an ongoing project. Initially Spescom delivered Sony, Avid and Leitch equipment in order to transition the broadcaster from a tape workflow environment to a tapeless one. In addition, Avid's iNews product was sold in order to upgrade their studio. The project was completed this year.

More recently, Spescom Media IT delivered and installed an Avid ISIS system to SABC Henley Television Facilities. The project involved the replacement of their Avid Unity system with an Avid ISIS system with Avid Interplay media management system.  This system is used by SABC for all their post production work for series such as Generations.
In addition, Spescom Media IT supplied M-Net with Avid High Definition (HD) equipment for their newly launched HD channel on DSTV.

In Focus: So how many staff do you employ?
Du Toit: In Spescom Limited we have 270, and in Spescom Media IT we have 32.

In Focus: Do you have any other branches in South Africa?
Du Toit: Spescom Media IT is represented in Johannesburg only. Spescom Limited, however, has branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and the United Kingdom.

In Focus: Do you provide service back-up?
Du Toit: Yes, Spescom Media IT offers a full workshop on Sony equipment and support and repairs on Avid equipment.  This is achieved with fully qualified ACSR trainees. In addition, we augment our skills by hosting mentorship/trainee programmes in partnership with the University of Johannesburg.  Areas covered include design with a strong emphasis on workflow, implementation, integration, support and maintenance.

Spescom can be contacted at: or phone +27 11 2661560


A somewhat smaller, but nevertheless vital, supplier to the industry is The Case Connection cc located in Honeydew, Gauteng. In Focus spoke to the Managing Director/Owner, David Liversey:

In Focus: Please describe your product offering.
Liversey: We supply rigidised aluminum, wooden and polyethylene cases as well as nylon padded bags and we are an agent for Pelican Cases. We also custom-fit cases with foam and cut-outs.

In Focus: Any recent sales of significance?
Liversey: We recently supplied product to kit out the new digital Outside Broadcast van.

In Focus: How many staff do you employ?
Liversey: We have 20 staff at present

In Focus: Do you supply service and support back-up?
Liversey: We pride ourselves in offering support and service after completion of orders.

The Case Connection cc can be contacted on +27 11 794 9588 and their website is