Johannesburg was chosen as the site for the shooting of the Samsung 'Red Dress' commercial, for the new Samsung 'Airwash' washing machine, by Cape Town-based production

On set of Samsung "Red Dress" commercial
company Fly on the Wall.

Lawrence Goodman, freelance line producer for this highly creative company, spoke about Johannesburg as a location and about the commercial:

"We shot for two days in August on 35mm. The off line edit was completed at Left Post Productions and the on line and special effects were done at The Refinery. The flame operator was Iwan Zwarts - this was his last job in South Africa as he is leaving to work for one of the biggest post companies in the world, The Mill, in New York."

He says they had a complement of around 30 crew members. The lights came from Panalux, the Grips gear and Film stock came from One8Six, and the camera gear from Take 2.

"The JMPD were helpful in the issuing of permits for parking our vehicles in Braamfontein, and I must be honest, I love shooting in Johannesburg, it's an amazing shooting location. The general public is extremely film-friendly and accommodating as far as shooting goes, and the crews, rental companies and post production houses are great."

Talking about the commercial, Goodman says they shot a single version of a 30-second Samsung commercial entitled 'Red Dress'.

"The whole commercial is based around a night on the town for 'clothes'.  This red dress, which belongs to our hero woman, sheepishly creeps out of her apartment and meets her date in an up-market pub, from there they go to a nice restaurant and then go home for a bit of intimacy.

"The clothes then go into the hero washing machine where they interact with each other.  The suit then leaves the apartment and the hero red dress makes its way back into our hero woman's cupboard.  While the hero dress and suit are out on the town, we also see other clothes on the town also having a good time.

"The clothes are the principal characters they have people in them but the people are all wearing chroma key green masks, gloves and stockings (anywhere that flesh can be seen).  This is just to get shape in the clothes, all the actual human features will be removed in post production and it will be the clothes 'acting'," he explains.

The commercial was directed by Bryan Little and the producer was Filipa Domingues. The Director of Photography was Grant Appleton all of whom are the co-owners of Fly on the Wall.

Domingues comments:  "We always work with Goodman on commercials cos he's the best! This commercial is for the advertising agency Cheil Communications, who are the Samsung agency. The TV Producer is Caroline Crowther, the Art Director is Warren Sassenberg, and the Creative Director is Derek Postmus.

"I would also like to mention Dynamic Space in association with Cellular Dynamics, who have just opened up office premises in Kew to accommodate Cape Town companies shooting in Jozi. They have five offices to choose from, according to the size of your shoot, and they were amazing," concludes Domingues.

The commercial is scheduled for flighting during the 2nd-3rd week of September.