Crew Agency, Hot Shots, has launched its new interactive on-line portal designed specifically to meet the needs of a growing and metamorphosing industry.

Feedback on the site has been exceptionally positive, such as "Well done with the new site. Excellent, excellent! Love your vision! This is going to make a huge difference." The new feel backed up by significant information and superior interactivity has also driven the figures to unprecedented highs with July achieving 35000 hits.

According to Hot Shots- Heather Setzen, crewing agencies have often been severely criticised for being mere booking services. She says: "Hot Shots has always maintained a nurturing and developmental approach to its crew and this attitude together with its driven niche marketing advances are marking its rejuvenation, revitalisation and renewal."

"We have noticed a huge upswing in industry interest in our crew and a marked improvement in our turnaround time as a result of the web-based CV's and other information. Clients can manage their requirements at any time of the day or night and we have more time to respond to their more personal needs."

International interest in the crew has also risen sharply as has production house interest in permanent positions.

"We have presented a more resourceful and functional site to support the multi-faceted approach required by our clients. Having been a consistent and stable force in the Southern African Film and Television Industry for nearly 20 years, we needed to mark our entry into the future with a positive energetic attitude and approach. We are passionate about people partnerships, driven to reach new heights and this is evident at," Setzen concludes.

Source: Hot Shots Crew at +27 11 804 3925