Millions of viewers across North America have been spellbound by the debut season of Escape to Chimp Eden, a series on the rescue of chimpanzees from some of Africa's hottest

Amadeus and Abu share an avo
trouble spots, broadcast by Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

And it's a Johannesburg-based film and production company, Triosphere, that conceived, co-produced, directed and shot the series, also handling the editing at Triosphere's Johannesburg offices by an international team.

Triosphere is an independent television production company that creates world-class High Definition programming for international broadcasters. Dedicated to excellence in every project, Triosphere constantly challenges the boundaries of visual excitement, storytelling and technical accomplishment.

The first season of Escape to Chimp Eden comprises 12 half-hour episodes and is scheduled for DSTV broadcast in South Africa from November.

Animal Planet USA has commissioned a further 20 episodes, which are now in production.

As Rescue Director for the Jane Goodall Institute South Africa (JGI SA), Eugene Cussons flies to the rescue of chimpanzees held in illegal captivity across Africa and Middle East.  Battling everything from gangsters and bushmeat traders to bureaucratic delays, Eugene brings the chimps back to JGI SA Chimpanzee Eden, a sanctuary on the outskirts of Nelspruit.

All too often, the chimps' histories are heartbreaking.  Many have spent years caged alone in unlit basements or shipping containers.  At JGI SA Chimpanzee Eden, Eugene and his team provide rehabilitation, restoring the chimps' lives and personalities to a state very close to wild.

Eugene's mission of mercy has struck a chord with American audiences hungry for fresh idealism.  Visiting the U.S. to help promote the series and chimpanzee welfare, Eugene has been a special guest on the shows of Martha Stewart, Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres, each of whom draw tens of millions of viewers per screening.  He has made additional appearances on over twenty of America's national and regional stations.

Discovery Channel and Animal Planet ultimately broadcast to over a hundred million viewers across the globe.  So Eugene, his team and the chimpanzees now being rehabilitated at the sanctuary are also set for stardom in Europe, Asia and right back home in Africa.

Combining next-generation quality with rigorous reliability has ensured that clients including Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and National Geographic have consistently returned to Triosphere.
Besides broadcast-ready High Definition television series and specials, Triosphere offers a wide range of production services at every phase from concept development, planning and facilitation through to directing, shooting, editing, post-production and final delivery.

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