This last weekend (27 - 29 March) saw Wits Theatre hosting the increasingly popular  2nd Bafundi Film and Television Festival. The festival, aimed at promoting student filmmakers in South Africa, is an opportunity for students nationwide to meet and network, as well as providing a platform from where to screen their work.

The involvement of key industry players, such as the SABC and the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC), is in support of the festival's goal of building professionals in the film sector.  This is achieved by the festival providing learners with opportunities to participate in workshops and the chance to experience the film industry outside of their institutions of learning.

By giving this opportunity to students and staff from film schools, the Bafundi organisers and their sponsors create a pool of talented individuals equipped to make a start in this competitive, yet expanding, industry.

Commenting on the GFC's support, Chief Executive Terry Tselane, says the commission supported the festival when it launched last year as it is strongly supportive of initiatives that seek to develop emerging talent in the industry.  "Students are the future of the industry and it is critical that they have avenues in which to both show their work as well as network with others in the industry.  We are proud to be a partner of the Bafundi Film and Television Festival again this year."