Mirror Mountain Pictures (home of the award-winning animated film Tengers) is making available shares in its new feature film as a way of raising funds to complete production.

Game of Life, a low-budget comedy/drama for a township audience, is to be released direct to that market on DVD at the end of April this year.

Producer of Mirror Mountain Pictures, Mike Rix, says the production is already 90% complete.

Game of Life centres on Joe, a talented young soccer player, growing up in a township, with dreams of one day playing professionally. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, he is forced to raise his younger brother and sister, and loses touch with his football aspirations. Years later he is sent a ticket by his soccer hero, to the big match in the city. With next to no money in his pocket he takes the leap of faith to journey to the city, an adventure that will ultimately present him with alternately comic and tragic life lessons, and will teach him that not all heroes get to play out their lives on the soccer field.

For more information, including the business plan, contact Rix on michaeljrix@gmail.com