When given a brief for Virgin Mobile you know you have to pull out all the stops - after all, there are no limits when the name behind the brand is Sir Richard Branson.

Sub urban Director Nomakhomazi did exactly that for agency Openco to make this spot fun, quirky and humorous.

Virgin Mobile's latest offer of 1000 free SMS's per month has South Africans going 'Thumb Crazy'. This spot gives you inside access to all the things people are doing to get their thumbs in shape for this once in a lifetime offer.

As Virgin Mobile moves toward a more metropolitan target market, this spot shows ordinary South Africans, workers, breadwinners and your neighbour, all performing bizarre rituals with their thumbs.

We see a pianist playing with his thumbs, ladies hanging up the washing with their thumbs, even a waiter carrying a tray on his thumb. All these visuals are unexpected yet familiar to the viewer.

The result is a slick, fresh, clean look that Virgin Mobile wanted, with some added humour and fun!

"It has been a great opportunity to work for Virgin Mobile. It was experimental, rhythmical, and a lot of fun. Louis Gavin, Sean Donovan, Jason and Daryl Bome, and Henri Smit (Opneco) have all been a joy to work with. I have stretched my mind and learnt a lot," says Nomakhomazi.

In conclusion, Christelle Bronn, of Virgin Mobile, thinks that the Sub urban staff are super stars.