Aspiring filmmaker and South African commercial advertising's new-kid-on-block, Mfundo Mkhize, is gaining recognition among his more established peers as an emerging celebrity and talent to be watched.

Creator of the popular Confederations Cup Coca Cola commercial, this bespectacled 22 year old young man is now finding that presenting at high profile events is becoming a regular part of his life.

Recently, when presenting to a full-house, he said that his exposure to the film and commercial advertising worlds had impressions of �a cool journey that has brought me a lot� in terms of working experience and self belief.

Mkhize believes that the sector's inherent problems have served to make him �more of a better human being than a filmmaker.�

The young talent also revealed that his mother has loathed his career � a familiar story for many in the industry - wanting him to become a teacher. �She told me: if you become a teacher, and don�t go to film school, you�ll be guaranteed a job.�

Mkhize challenges young filmmakers to �take the initiative, grab the camera and go out and shoot. You don�t have to worry about the quality, whether it�s sparkling or not. This way, you�ll be able to tell your story and showcase your creative beliefs rather than waiting for ages for the right time and funding.�

He expressed his sadness at what he sees as the lengthy process whereby newly graduated filmmakers have to serve apprenticeship as runners in production houses, believing many have the right experience to start at a much higher level. �You study directing and you go into the film industry and start running and do other things for years before you actually do what you are trained for. It�s a flawed process. Opportunities should be available to young graduates, not when they are 30 years or so - although they will still be considered young then.�