To encourage greater interest of career opportunities available in the film, TV and digital media industries, the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) has published a comprehensive career guide aimed at learners and educators.

The film and TV industry, sometimes referred to as the digital media or audiovisual industry, forms part of the very complex and varied media, entertainment and cultural industries. Within the industry there are different subsectors such as broadcast television with news, sports, investigative journalism, inserts, magazine, sitcoms, game and talk shows; �long form� � the mostly location-based television or drama series, or features; animation, corporate or documentary productions; and lastly, the commercial. The career diversity is mind-boggling and caters for many differing interests and levels of skills ability. As the guide also notes, the only common element is that they all require real dedication and proficiency.

Working in the industry mostly involves a life-style decision as the industry requires long hours and the willingness to work on a freelance, project-to-project basis. In South Africa it is also still a relatively small industry and word of mouth therefore prevails � hence building a solid reputation early on is crucial.

Most people working in the industry either enter it as novices and work their way up the ladder, study at an accredited training and educational institution, or enter the industry as a professional with a range of specialist skills needed. Getting a foot in the door, however, requires a bit of homework and the Guide provides useful tips on how to research, network and get to know the industry, enlist the help of a casting or crewing agent, skills development and on staying in touch with what is happening on the ground.

The �Guide to Getting Started in Film and TV� introduces learners to the nature and extent of career opportunities available in the industry, the nature of the production process � and skills required during each phase - tips on how to get noticed, scholarship and bursary opportunities available, a detailed list of Gauteng-based training and educational providers, as well as support and industry organisations active in South Africa.

The Guide has successfully been distributed at the recently held Photo and Film Expo, where it generated huge interest. Copies can be collected from the GFC�s offices and an electronic version is available on the GFC�s website at

The Guide was developed with the inputs of professionals working in the industry.