After serving Sasani Africa for eight years, Geoff Green will be exploring new ventures outside of the group. Green brought Sasani a wealth of expertise and knowledge. His solid management skills and passion for the company has touched every staff member, in all areas of the business, and his impact will remain with Sasani for many years to come.

Eileen Sandrock will be taking over from Green with effect from 1 July 2009. Sandrock originally joined Sasani in 1989 as a vision mixer and editor, and subsequently gained experience in various areas of television, including live multi-camera directing and producing. She worked for many years as a Commissioning Editor at MNET, commissioning shows such as Carte Blanche, Egoli, Big Brother and Survivor.

Sandrock returned to Sasani two years ago as the MD of ZSE TV, and she will now take on the responsibilities of CEO of Sasani Africa.

For more information, contact Sandrock on +27 11 719 4200 or go to