Having often been asked questions such as: 'Where can I find a studio in Gauteng? Is there a film laboratory? Can I mix my Dolby 5.1 soundtrack here? Where are the animation facilities?', the Gauteng Film Commission decided to commission a survey of all the film and television studios over a specific size criteria in the Province offering full services to film and TV producers. The result will be a comprehensive guide, which will be available on the GFC website.

A typical Gauteng studio
The survey corrects the misconception that Gauteng does not have the most comprehensive range of facilities in the country. Indeed, the Province is in fact blessed with a plethora of services and facilities designed specifically to cater to the film and television industry.

A survey of this nature requires specific guidelines, as the term 'studio' is vague and can be seen to include music recording studios, photographic studios and can include small compact 'studios' which are used for 'talking head' productions and the like. While we acknowledge that these facilities provide an essential service, the guidelines did not include any studio that is not used for television drama, commercials and feature film work.

The results, which include over 20 studios, range from multi camera television giants capable of world class drama to 900 metres squared film studios and everything in between. The list will also include a recently completed complex that will boggle your mind, and which endorses the confidence of private individuals in the future of the industry in Gauteng!

The survey will be published early in 2010 on our website and also possibly in printed form for use as a reference within the industry. At a future date, and dependent on the success of this initiative, other segments of the industry will be surveyed and facilities such as animation, post production and production companies will be included.