With the mammoth task of having to shoot a character-driven story in just three days and using a cast that had never acted before, the director and crew of local production house, Creative Vision, had their work cut out for them.


Brownwyn Buys as Yolanda
Yet the dedication of the seven actors, director Jo Horn and writer Mpotseng Mdakane, coupled with an intense five-day dialogue and performance workshop, saw the actors grow and deliver brilliant performances.


"It was tough," says Horn, "however DOP Willem Viljoen captured the gritty images, Walter Green ensured a fine editorial cut and Adam Lomas once again created a memorable original score."

"Yolanda is a bitter-sweet look at a teenager's rite of passage and sexual identity," continues Horn. "Shot in Johannesburg, this short film brings forth the rich yet unique culture of South African coloured teens and taps into talent that is destined to go far.

"It's a coming-of-age story of a young boy whose only wish is to be part of the neighbourhood gang, but his first sexual experience is challenged when Yolanda's identity is brought into question," explains Horn.


The cast of Yolanda
"We shot on location mainly in the Yeoville public swimming pool, as well as in the streets of Yeoville. The Gauteng Film Commission provided assistance in obtaining ththe necessary permission, as well as traffic control in the area," comments Horn.


Yolanda, made in association with the NFVF, will be competing in international festival circuits.

"We hope to surpass our previous film The Mamtsotsi Birds success, which won 6 gold awards internationally," says Horn.

The main cast includes Bronwyn Buys as Yolanda and Junaid King as Kelvin. The lighting equipment was supplied by Media Film Services, and the DOP Willem Viljoen supplied his own camera. As Creative Vision have their own post production equipment, the production was finished in-house.