Out of Africa Entertainment has entrenched itself as one of the leading production companies in Gauteng and its CV of production work, both past and current, would be the envy of local and indeed many International production companies.

Bang Bang Club, facilitated by Out of Africa
Out of Africa is headed up by the energetic and enigmatic Lance Samuels who leasd a dynamic team reflecting the new generation of South African filmmakers. Samuels first entered the industry in 1991 and quickly moved up the ranks to become one of South Africa's most experienced assistant directors, working on most major productions shot in the country.

"In 2000, I joined New Africa Media Films (NAM Films) to head up development and facilitation," says Samuels. "During this time, NAM Films produced the horror film Slash which was sold to Universal Pictures and First Look Media. In 2002, I founded Out of Africa Entertainment and in 2004 started to provide facilitation and later branched out into producing my own material."

The list of productions handled by Out of Africa is impressive and includes Wild at Heart, Crimes that Shook the World, To the Ends of the Earth and Beat the Drum among many others. "The highlights to date for me," observes Samuels, "are Generation Kill and The Bang Bang Club, which is due for release next year. We are also currently busy with the new Schuster film, Strikeback for Sky TV and Wild at Heart season 5.".

Samuels is positive about South Africa and when asked what the future holds he quips - "Well maybe you should ask the president! - but, seriously though, I think it's extremely positive, especially with the help of the DTI."

Out of Africa Entertainment is here to stay, and with Samuels at the helm is set to go from strength to strength. For further in formation about the company go to: www.outofafrica.info.