The Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg revved and rocked recently when the zany combination of Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson and Richard  'Hamster' Hammond teamed up with 5FM DJ and noted motoring enthusiast, Sasha Martinengo, to present the thrilling MPH Live Theatre.

With an estimated worldwide audience of 350-million viewers, Top Gear is a highly popular television show, presenting an unconventional, humourous and often politically incorrect take on motoring matters. That combination has earned the show numerous awards and a cult following.

The man at the forefront of MPH Live is Jeremy Clarkson - opinionated, sometimes boorish, but always in a fun, laugh-out-loud manner. Richard Hammond is an excellent foil for Clarkson; he too exhibits a wicked sense of humour, and together they make exploring the world of cars fun for all. It's more than just talking cars, it's entertainment.

The Live show in Johannesburg, which took place from 29 January to 1 February, featured completely new breathtaking stunts and driving sequences from some of the world's best drivers, as well as some inserts from Top Gear as seen on TV.

Next month, In Focus will feature an in-depth irreverent interview with motoring icon Jeremy Clarkson himself, finding out just why Johannesburg was selected as one of the international venues for Top Gear Live.