Newly appointed MD of The Refinery Group Jhb, Tumaini Leshoai, recently announced major re-structuring, including  amalgamating the V-Lab and Refinery businesses into one streamlined company at the Group's Bryanston premises.  "We are looking at possibly creating a new brand name for this amalgamation," says Leshoai, "But for now the new entity will simply continue as The Refinery."

The Blairgowrie (Video Lab offices) will remain open for business for a short period as there are still some key projects running there, but the operational hub becomes Bryanston as of 1st February 2009. "We are consolidating staff, equipment and expertise; becoming more streamlined and focused in being effective, productive, profitable and of course, continuing to give great service to our clients."

This consolidation process does involve retrenchments, involving approximately 35 people.   "Very simply, this is a business decision. We needed to consolidate the businesses. It is a regrettable process but unfortunately a necessary one for future growth. It is also very difficult to communicate the excitement for what is to come when people are losing their jobs and I am very mindful of this," says Leshoai.

He also announced a new management team consisting of Tumaini Leshoai (MD), Charl van der Merwe, (Commercial Director), Tracey Williams (Director of Post-production) and Gerhard Roets (Head of Operations).

Long-term vision

The 2009 re-structuring has been in the pipeline for a number of years  in fact since MFP Holdings bought out Refinery and V-Lab."Our vision has always been to make this more than a post production facility," says Leshoai, "Our vision is for a media and entertainment company and that is where we are driving The Refinery Group Jhb to. Yes the post facility will continue to work on great commercials, features, documentaries and television; we have the talent and credibility for that. But it is time to build and move on from that. We want to be creating ideas, developing content, entering partnerships. We are consolidating to make The Refinery Group Jhb better. Better for our key clients. Better for our staff. Better for our shareholders."

MFP Holdings are a diversified consumer, media and entertainment investment holding company. Group companies specialising in marketing and distributing gaming, consumer electronics, multimedia and entertainment related goods in Southern Africa include MFP Entertainment, Routes, MWorks, Adworx, Mi Digital, JNC, Kodak, Refinery Group and MFilms.

"MFP Holdings acquisition of The Refinery Group in 2007 was extremely strategic, as it brings us one step closer to the vision of a full media and entertainment company",  says Leshoai.

Source: Refinery Group Jhb
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