At a recent event at the Castrol Performance Lab at The Urban Tree, in Kramerville, Sandton, Castrol hosted an exclusive media event to launch Castrol�s insightful and dynamic new football campaign. Hosted by Gary Bailey and with talks by representatives of FIFA and Castrol. FIFA�S Marketing Director Thierry Weil introduced the Castrol event, and welcomed Castrol as a committed football supporter into FIFA�S group of commercial affiliates.

Marcel Desailly (Castrol Ambassador) and Polly Flinn Castrol
�We know that Castrol�s experience and knowledge on performance analysis will really enhance the fans experience with exclusive data on the players� speed, efficiency and further insights into their performance� stated Weill.

Castrol�s Vice President of Global marketing, Polly Flinn then gave a descriptive talk on the scope of Castrol�s sponsorship and involvement, and explained Castrol�s plans for the FIFA World Cup� next year.

Of specific interest to the film and television industry is the ability to monitor the performance of each individual player on the field. For the first time in World Cup history, football fans will be able to monitor the performances of any player from the 32 teams taking part via the Castrol Index. First used by Castrol at UEFA EURO 2008�, the Castrol Index will use the latest FIFA tracking technology to capture data on each individual player on the pitch. As such, it is the definitive system to objectively analyse and rank player performances throughout the FIFA Confederations Cup and FIFA World Cup�. A version analysing the European qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup� is available now at

The technology was originally used in the aerospace and defence industry to track missile targets before it was developed for use in football. In each stadium at the FIFA World Cup�, two sets of eight cameras will record every move, by every player, across every inch of the pitch in real time. The system uses no transmitters or any other kind of device on the players or the ball so it does not in any way interfere with the game and the stereo vision technology ensures every inch of the pitch is constantly covered by at least two cameras.

Castrol Index technology assesses the impact each move has had on a team�s ability to score or concede a goal and how that affects their chances of winning the tournament, and awards each player a score out of ten. This data is then analysed by Castrol�s team of performance analysts, which includes world renowned football managers such as Ars�ne Wenger and players including Cristiano Ronaldo � to ultimately provide fans with real insights into what it takes to deliver winning performances.

Thierry Weill
Arsenal manager and global Castrol ambassador, Ars�ne Wenger, who played an integral role in helping to create the Castrol Index, says: �Insights from the Castrol Index are invaluable because the game is played by 11 players and you have only two eyes to observe everything on the pitch. The more concrete data and analysis you can have, the more confident you are in terms of making the right judgment. Having the intelligent analysis of the Castrol Index is crucial to me as a manager.�

A demonstration of the technology took place after the discussions at the Castrol Performance Lab, and the amount of information that can be recorded from each player is quite astonishing. �This is the first time such insights have been used at the FIFA World Cup� and there is no questioning the value of this tool� concluded Flinn.

When questioned by In Focus about his thoughts on the readiness of both Ellis Park and Soccer City, FIFA�S Marketing Director Thierry Weil commented: �Soccer City is absolutely amazing, and I am delighted with the progress. It is an amazing place, and when you stand on the field inside the stadium there is the most awe-inspiring feeling�.