Craighall-based production company Picture Tree who produces and directs both local and international television and cinema commercials were busy last month shooting commercials in Houghton, Johannesburg.

Picture Tree�s production co-ordinator, Nonhlanhla Masondo was enthusiastic about the shoot for client Debonairs Pizzas: �We had two scripts for two different pizza�s - Debonairs Cheese Tucka and Debonairs Real Deal pizza.

The first script which was for the Cheese Tucka centred on Forgetfulness. It�s about a middle aged white couple in a kitchen, the husband having been sent to get the Pizza from Debonairs and taking his father in law with him. He forgets the father-in-law at the Debonairs shop, and when he returns home the wife in the kitchen asks whether he forgot anything in the pizza fillings� The husband responds saying he never forgets anything - until he is asked where the father-in-law is.

The second script is for the Real Deal Pizza - it�s called the Call to Mom. This was shot in a lounge - we open on a young black man in his lounge, he is in his mid 20�s and he has recently moved to the city and he is on his cellphone talking to his mother. The mother is asking questions like �are you eating well?� and with his foot on his coffee table he answers �A full balanced meal just like you taught me�- meanwhile he is eating the Debonairs Real Deal Pizza.

The principal cast for the Cheese Tucka Forgetful were Dirk Stolz, Michelle Levin and Henk Hugo, and for the Real Deal Pizza it was Andile Mauku. Intertalent, Thespians and Artiste Connection were the agents�.

The two commercials were shot over an extended day with equipment supplied by Media Film Services. The executive producer was Gary King, the producer Scott Njumbuxa, DOP Tom Van Schaik with sound recordist Henry Prentice. In total there were some 50 people on location including from crew, cast, client and the agency.

�We received assistance from both the Gauteng Film Commission and the JMPD�, concludes Masondo, �and it was a great shoot. Post production will be completed at Orchestra Blue and the commercials are due for airing at the end of June�.