�Come and view our bigger, brighter better premises, meet our incredible Johannesburg team and unwrap the surprise� said the invitation, and that is exactly what In Focus did. We attended the grand opening dinner accompanied by Quinton Coetzee�s talk: Back to basics -Sans Solutions.

The dates were the 1st and 2nd of June, the hosts were Media Film Service (MFS), and the venue was the old MCC premises at Tripark, 17 Eastern services road, Eastgate extension 8 Sandton. But it did not end there! Shuttles were available all night to transport guests to the old MFS premises at Unit 1B, No 7 Olympia St, Eastgate Ext 1, Sandton.

�The reason for calling tonight our Unwrap party�, stated Jannie Van Wyk, CEO Media Film Service, �and host this sumptuous dinner - is just because we needed to draw a line in the sand as to the date when we believe that we are ready to start trading as �a combined company under one flag with no excuses and no surprises�.�

MFS purchased MCC/Logical Designs from e.tv, in January 2009. The merger will result in both companies combining and will see Media Film Service absorbing MCC's approximately 40 staff, liabilities and assets.

�We wanted you to see that we have moved forward and that with your support we will continue to contribute to our film industry�, continued Van Wyk. �If you look around we have really done a lot in a very short space of time. Within 100 days, we have taken all the very best aspects from MCC and from MFS and created one new great company. The thing that I am most proud of has been the team; you can imagine that merging two completely different cultures into one company is difficult for anyone. To both teams I thank you for your trust and belief in the vision; I know that it has been hard for all of you.�

�In truth it would have been very difficult for MCC and MFS to continue trading as individual companies for much longer, so I believe that this configuration is definitely the way to go for both the film industry as well as MFS. MCC is the first deal that will see us owning our own real quantity of gear and building a business that is here for a long time.�

�Together with our Arri association we will continue to provide world-class equipment and services. We trust that from this evening on you will see that we need your support so that we can keep putting back into this industry.�

Van Wyk concluded by saying that �Tonight sees the lowering of the MCC flag as a brand, but certainly not of its history and contribution it has made to the film industry. Keeping two brands alive is just too difficult and too expensive especially in these current times. We pained over making these decisions because we are all emotionally linked to the MCC brand, as this is where many of us came from.�

Renos Louka M.D Arri Media London also addressed the guests, as did Neil Horsfall the General Manager of MFS in Johannesburg. The evening ended with a fascinating speech by Quinton Coetzee, an inspirational speaker who uses the San Bushmen traditions to show how business can survive and prosper.