The South African Tourism (SAT) 2009 campaign features cultural and historical elements of South Africa from a tourist�s perspective.  Soweto, a historically and culturally rich and diverse area, is fast becoming well established within the international community for its township tours and vibe.

From Left to Right: Soweto Orlando Towers, FNB Stadium, Soweto Agriculture, Hector Pieterson Museum
In Focus took a journey to meet with Production Manager Amanda Law from One Step Beyond to highlight the latest shoot they took of Soweto�s attractions.

Director Mark Chaudior wanted to feature Soweto in order to encourage more international tourists to visit the area, partly because of its incredible historical and cultural diversity, but also because Johannesburg, including Soweto, is a host for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa�.

The film crew�s journey turned into heart-warming memories as they took to the streets of Soweto, to film a city with numerous alluring stories to share. Filming took two consecutive days, involving Bongani Mdlovu and Ngugui Githuka of Soweto Tours, plus One Step Beyond�s four crew members. According to Law, the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) ensured that all necessary personnel were informed about the micro shoot, and guaranteed the crew had the contact names and numbers of relevant municipality personnel.

�With striking places to explore, we filmed in and around Soweto including Mandela House Museum, Kliptown Youth Program, Sakhumzi�s Restaurant, Hector Pieterson Monument, Mbuyisa Makhubu School and the Orlando Tours,� explains Law.

�The crew went into Soweto with great reservations as to whether or not they would be able to successfully translate Soweto�s culture and history into 60 seconds of film. However, once they got there everything became easy. There was so much to see and explore in that remarkable city within a city.  Soweto has a vibe like no other city in South Africa. Priding itself with its great attractions and history, you find yourself desiring to stay longer than anticipated in Soweto, just to understand more of its diverse culture and people,� Law said.

�We had the great challenge of shooting on a tight budget, which meant we relied on donations of time and effort from many individuals and grassroot foundations that assisted us. This journey really introduced us to the great hospitality of vibrant, alive and energetic Sowetans, who welcomed us with great affection and enthusiasm. The community was most helpful in assisting us with our requirements - they saw the value of what we were trying to accomplish and were only too very happy to help us,� added Law.

�Shooting in three different locations for the campaign, Soweto was the most interesting leg of the campaign.  I look forward to going back as a visitor to meet up with my new friends, Bongani and Ngugui - perhaps for sundowners at Sakhumzi�s Restaurant - and a catch up as they are never short of a great story about the history, people and diversity of Soweto,� concluded Law, with a smile.

The promotional film is due to be screened from September this year on as part of a BBC campaign for South African Tourism.