The film Tumelo was one of the winners at the Bafundi TV and Film Festival held recently at Wits University. The festival, aimed at promoting student filmmakers in South Africa, is supported by the GFC as a key initiative to support emerging talent. In Focus spoke to director/producer Pule Motloung of Young Minds Productions.

�It was very uplifting, motivating and encouraging to be recognised as it proved that one is capable of delivering a good story that in return fulfils the South African viewers� thirst of watching young films,� said an ecstatic Motloung.

Tumelo, a child denied happiness, is the true tale of a 15 year-old girl, who was sexually and physically abused by her step-father, with her mother doing nothing to help or to heal. It was produced by Pule�s Young Minds Productions (YMP), which was formed in 2007.

�My dream around forming this kind of an entity was to develop creative audio visual ideas with young creatives and yet not limit ourselves from continuing to learn��

Commenting on the film festival, he says: �The competition was very tough, but I believed so much in it, against tight competition from entries by AFDA (Johannesburg), UCT, and Cape Town Varsity.

�The awards are vital to the film sector in the sense that they motivate us, especially the young and upcoming, to want to do more and improve our vision in which we see our stories being told.�

The Bafundi award made Motloung believe more in his dreams of wanting to tell young people�s untold and untainted stories as they are currently lived.

The latest news is that Tumelo has been licensed by the SABC and will possibly be aired around August. Plans are also afoot to turn it into a feature film �because there is still more to tell and educate about Tumelo Sibeko�s childhood experience.�

Currently he is working on what he called �a very interesting� concept of cars, which are loved by most township boys and girls all over South Africa, called �BMW 325s � Igusheshe�.

He elaborates: �Out of this life style came two projects called Soweto Drift, a feature film which is going into production this June, and Love 4 The Box Shape, a documentary which is almost completed. Both these projects celebrate all uncelebrated young people who love - and those who died loving - this lifestyle.�

Matloung believes the current state of the local film industry could improve if government agencies and organisations support and fund young filmmakers, who bring a totally different vision to the world of filmmaking.

A young and developing filmmaker at home with any type of genre, Matloung sees Gauteng as beautiful and he would, if possible, and with funding permitting, want to shoot in almost every part of it. �I love all locations found in my province and will do my best with support from different stakeholders to have productions in all of them.�

Pule�s training in film came via a Script Editing training course, funded by NFVF and the SABC, called SEDIBA in 2006 for a year. The following year, he did a four month directing course at Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking, which resulted in him directing a student film, Thesis of Love. In addition to being involved in YMP, Motloung has also directed Zola 7.