Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, my video... if you're not familiar with these terms, it's time you brush up on your knowledge of the Web 2.0 social networking revolution or you could be missing out on some powerful opportunities. Different products and services ranging from music, fashion, movies, and to virtually all kinds of things that represent the pop culture, need to associate themselves with their consumers through social networks. Social media is very helpful in spreading the word, as it allows organisations to post various announcements, new services, products, enabling more effective reaching of target audiences.

White Wedding
Moving with the times and latest trends, a new South African film has made its entrance in the world of fast growing social networks. Described as a �smart, appealing, breezy and invigorating film� which is now on at cinemas locally nationwide, White Wedding is a new breed of South African cinema, a slick, canny romantic comedy starring Rapulana Seiphemo (Jerusalema), Kenneth Nkosi (Tsotsi) and British actress Jodie Whittaker, star of Venus.

White Wedding is the feature film debut of celebrated author and television director Jann Turner. The high-spirited romantic road-movie takes place all over the ravishing landscapes of South Africa from bustling Johannesburg and tropical Durban to the luscious Eastern Cape and dazzling mother city of Cape Town. The dynamite cast sees the first pairing on the big screen of charismatic local superstars Nkosi and Seiphemo, who both show a side to them that audiences haven�t seen before, as buddies racing against time and difficult circumstances to reach a wedding. White Wedding showcases our country�s film making and talents.

Commenting on utilising social networking and new technologies to market White Wedding, film producer Tendeka Matatu says it will dramatically increase the success of its viewership and expand its fan base. �Social media will also spread out White Wedding�s awareness quickly and far to a wide spectrum of movie lovers� he says.
Matatu highlighted that through social media, his last production Jerusalema was a success. �It was welcomed warmly by cinema-goers and reached high film rankings. Social networking definitely assisted us in showcasing the hype, interest, excitement, and variation of Jerusalema. We�ve taken this a step further with White Wedding, using our experiences gained to make more effective use of social networking to market the film.�

Premieres around Gauteng have been held to introduce White Wedding to the media, film critics, filmmakers, producers and actors in different genres, and most importantly to create awareness and also to evaluate how the film was perceived by relevant industry people. With a phenomenal guest turnout and positive coverage in the media, White Wedding will no doubt succeed.


The film grossed over R1.1 million at the local box office this past weekend when it released on circuit. These results are in line with the opening weekend performance of the smash hit Slumdog Millionaire�s  gross earnings on its opening weekend in SA in March.

White Wedding has garnered 48 000 attendances since its release on 29 April, and outperformed X-Men Origins: Wolverine at sites like Ster-Kinekor Maponya Mall, Sterland, Savannah Mall, Southgate and The Wheel among others.  

�We�ve watched every kind of local audience watching our movie, and what every screening has had in common are the smiles on people�s faces when they leave the theatre. I am elated with the way SA audiences have received the film,� says director, JannTurner.

Writer-producer-actor, Kenneth Nkosi concurs: �South Africans are sending us a message: they want to see themselves and laugh at themselves on the big screen.�

White Wedding sold three times more tickets than the hit gangster movie
Jerusalema did on its opening weekend, and twice as many tickets as Academy Award winner Tsotsi did at the time of its release.  

Says Helen Kuun of Ster-Kinekor Distribution: �Both Kenneth and Rapulana have starred or featured in many successful local feature films in recent years (Max and Mona, Hijack Stories, Jerusalema, Tsotsi) and subsequently have built up a big-screen fan-base. White Wedding�s results illustrate that local star-power can bring people to cinemas in equal numbers to those that US star-driven films do.�