Thanks to our local skills, locations, costs and production expertise, Australian rock group, Evermore were able to travel to South Africa, shoot two music videos AND have the advantage of a good short holiday � within the allocated budget. Star Productions, a Johannesburg-based production company, recently completed the shoots for the two videos, which will accompany the band on their European tour with the well-known artist, Pink.

Evermore being filmed in the Orlando Power Station
Star Productions, with partners Adam Thal and Vuyo Tofile, was established in 2003 with the aim of creating a first class production hub to service a range of products in the entertainment industry with the prime objectives being cost effectiveness, creativity and delivery focus.

Co-owner and Executive Producer, Adam Thal, explains how the music videos came about: �We produced a music video for Evermore (three brothers, Jon, Dann and Pete Hume) a while back and they were so pleased with the end result that they literally flew in to Johannesburg for four days to shoot these two videos for their singles Underground and Hey Boys and Girls

�My director, Tristan Holmes, is a student Oscar-winning director for his short film Elalini. He�s listed on our website and the band management team found our site on Google and arranged a conference call over Skype! They basically wanted to get new exciting ideas for their videos and to use varied locations. I would also imagine that cost came into play as well.�

Thal says being Gauteng-based, they know and understand the locations here so well. �Also, Johannesburg in general has the most varied location choices within South Africa and you can literally find any location you are looking for, without having to travel too far. Due to tight deadlines, we had to shoot all the band performances over one weekend, using local extras to mimic a crowd performance scene, and now that the band have left, we are focusing on the narrative side to the videos,� he explains.

The videos were produced by Adam Thal and Sue Mills. The Director was Tristan Holmes, the DOP was Rory O Grady and Trevor Calverley and the Art Director was Jonathan Burger. There were some 16 crew members were involved in the shoot.

�As music videos do not have the biggest budgets ever, we needed to pull favours wherever we could, so we called on Estelle Pillay from Media Film Service who always comes to the party,� adds Thal. �She is fantastic and the gear was great. We also received great help from Russell Campbell at Red One Africa for use of the Red Camera.

�We are using a small post production facility called MonoPost and our editor is William Kalmer, one of the most talented young editors to come out of Gauteng, who will absolutely edit the videos above expectations.�

He says Star Productions were grateful for the assistance received from the Gauteng Film Commission and the JMPD, who are �always instrumental when it comes to tying down exterior locations. In this instance, Mr Moodey from JMPD helped tie down the Orlando Power Station for the one video. The other video was shot in studio,� comments Thal.

The first music video, Underground, was scheduled for release at the beginning of October while the second video, which needed extra production, was scheduled to be released two weeks later.