Avbob is the only burial society that offers free transportation of the deceased within South Africa. Director Nomakhomazi Dyosopu, from Sub Urban Films, reflects this unique service offering in their new TV commercial by portraying the subject matter in a sensitive and positive light.

Avbob Homecoming
"I was dealing with an intense subject, death, so it was important for me to communicate to the audience without depressing them," explains Dyosopu. "The message is true to African culture, the importance of coming home, being welcomed into a family."

With the 'Coming Home' theme, Dyosopu dissected the story into three arcs. The first is the feeling of being welcomed into a family. The second is the waiting for that loved one to arrive and the third arc is the action of welcoming someone back home.

The composition is beautiful and each scene flows into the other seamlessly.
Dyosopu quickly formed a great working relationship with The Agency creative team, which lead to a free and easy collaboration during the entire process. Jill Lotriet (Producer) from The Agency comments: "It was an absolute pleasure working with Noma, her passion and dedication to her work is incredible."

Source: Sub urban, Tel: +27 11 447 1963